1. Monthly hot and cold water outlet temperature checks:-

Temperature control is the traditional strategy for reducing the risk of legionella in water systems. Cold water systems should be maintained, where possible, at a temperature below 20 °C. Hot water should be stored at least at 60 °C and distributed so that it reaches a temperature of 50 °C (55 °C in healthcare premises) within one minute at the outlets.

  1. Inspection and temperature checks of cold water storage tanks.

Cold water storage tanks should be inspected annually and remedial works carried out where necessary.

The Cold water storage tanks water temperature remote from the ball valve and the incoming mains temperature should be checked. And the maximum temperatures of the stored and supply water recorded.

  • Taking of samples for Legionella analysis.

Where monitoring for legionella is considered appropriate in hot and cold water systems. We sample in accordance with BS 7592 “Sampling for Legionella organisms in water and related materials”. The complexity of the system will need to be taken into account to determine the appropriate number of samples to take. To ensure the sample is representative of the water flowing around the system and not just of the area downstream of the fitting. Our samples are analysed by an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory.